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We are available throughout the year at sea and when we return to land! Would love to hear comments and questions!


8 thoughts on “Contact Us

  1. Michelle Glass

    Nancy and Mike-You guys are so inspiring! Your sense of curiosity and adventure is exciting, interesting, and, most of all, a big plan that you are sharing so completely. Nancy, you have a gift for writing (WHS English Department??!!) that makes even the most mundane of preparations feel like a trip in and of itself. I live in great fear as well as awe of the ocean, so I will live and learn through you. Bruce and I will take our adventures to a much higher elevation. Thank you for sharing. We look forward to reading more!


    1. Nancy Magnine

      Thanks Michelle! We are having fun (with ALL the work that goes into it)! The beauty of writing outside of the classroom is that you DONT have to follow the rules!!!


  2. Hey guys, my new boyfriend Mitch is an avid sailor and at 62 looking to sell his business and buy a 50 footer, I want a steel sail boat…. Any way. You are living the dream.
    I was looking for the info on the little shrimp that catapult off the vessel at night. Hope we can all hook up soon, I’m looking at dates to go visit Cynthia and Jeff w/ Mitch.
    Love the Blog.


  3. Julie

    Nanc, so loving all the posts of your adventures!!! Wondering if you could give a recommendation for an extended Winter Holiday for the month of Feb for Rick and I and maybe that damn dog Maggie:(
    We are looking for our February escape and are open to suggestions from seasoned Caribbean travelers—hope you can make a stop in Amery sometime before you set sail again. Much love to all the Magnines!!!

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  4. Lee Beckerman

    Hey Nancy, Just stumbled on you blog while searching Caliber 40 LRC’s. My wife and I are in year 5 of a 7 year plan to retire and sail. we have had our Freedom 30 for 4 seasons in Long Island Sound and we are longtime crew racers and have done deliveries/bareboats but will get to do Offshore Bermuda to Long Island training with Offshore passages this June (postponed from last June). we are getting ready to upgrade our boat to a Bluewater liveaboard and we are seriously considering a Caliber 40 LRC. I’ve read your boat description and I’m going through your blog but I would love any firsthand knowledge of how you like it as a liveaboard and anything you think we might look out for while shopping. Any help is appreciated.
    Lee & Wendi


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