Winter musings

 The winter musings have come true

We nurtured their soul and found a happiness 

We shed the cloak of routine and control

And accept the the rain and wind as partners who may or may not feel like dancing 
Our direction is determined by greater powers now

However the intention remains.
There is a new reliance between us

We share the joy and and travails of our dreams

This new journey transforms us

At day’s end , when the day glow fades we embrace satisfaction 
Success is now measured differently

At a distance we see where we have come

We are present in the moments and have met the future
The world appears smaller and less complex

We appreciate the simplicity of this life at each novel setting

And accept the diversity
We feel a richness in the beauty of a new world

And we are humbled in it’s vastness 


3 thoughts on “Winter musings

  1. Julie Schanon

    Nanc, sounds like you have hit that place of magical bliss in your life…..what a blessing to be able to find such love, peace, solitude and wonder. Can’t wait to hear about all the adventures in WI…until then warm breezes and calm seas⛵️🏝🌌❤️

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