We’re on the way!


So it’s finally time to write!!!!     

It has been a crazy 6 weeks. (or more)  We have had the estate sale, moved out our remaining possessions to a meager 10 x 24 storage unit, had a successful closing on our house, closed our 3 -season cabin in Minnesota, moved in with some awesome friends, vicariously lived through Hurricane Matthew, completed our last day of work, put a vehicle in storage (and still have one for sale), reorganized the items going to the boat (multiple times), hunted the last hunt on the Amery property, and said goodbye to friends and family our Golden Retriever, Riley, (who lived a long and happy 14 ½ year life). We have moved from complete chaos to somewhat organized chaos.




I would say that we have been busier in this time frame than ever before in our married lives.  We have come to appreciate just a few minutes of quiet and time to think (about next steps). 

Following the estate sale, we successfully paired down our belongings to a couple of beds, kitchen table, coffee table, a couple lamps, winter clothing, some bedding, fishing, hunting, sports gear, and some remaining keepsakes. With about a 5-week closing date hanging over our heads we proceeded to get these goods into some semblance of order and stored. So, every few days more stuff went into containers and boxes and these were labeled and toted to the storage unit. We worked on this evenings after work and the few remaining weekends we had. We simultaneously were setting aside all the goods to go to Lost Loon for our next life aboard Lost Loon, and put these in boxes and cartons. As the “last day in the house” approached we realized there were many more things to get in boxes. I think at one point we were sure someone was secretly bringing stuff into the house as it seemed to be endless. We systematically cleared the upper levels and basement, trying to corral everything to it’s final destination on the main level. I really have no idea how much stuff we donated and gave away those last days. I am thankful to a few family members (Chris and Dave) who drove away numerous times with “new” possessions. (I am certain many items also found their way distributed to other donation facilities).img_1295

Closing the house

However difficult it was to get all our possessions out of that house after 21 years, we were relieved by the final sight of cleanliness and felt an eagerness to soon move onto a new life comforted that this house would be secure with a good family. Following the walk-thru, the night before the closing, we moved in with some very good friends in Amery. Since we had 2 ½ weeks to work yet we needed to stay in the area, we were blessed to have friends that opened their house and their lives to us.



We attended the “closing ceremonies” on the house on a beautiful bright sunny Friday. We left with a little money in hand to take us to our next adventure. How different it was to realize we didn’t have a home, or even more so exciting to realize that a 40-ft, 400 or less square foot sailboat would be our home for the next 6-8 months!

We  our last few days in Amery, having dinner and get-togethers with friends, family and co-workers. I must say that my liver is surely glad that we were moving on.


We could begin the final project of weeding out what we had put aside for the Lost Loon journey. We had quite frankly just planned on taking too much. On that last morning of our departure, we left with our Suburban completely full of supplies and possessions we thought we couldn’t do without for the next 6 or so months afloat.

We left on our pilgrimage to see the family before our voyage on a cool bright Saturday morning.



We were headed for Illinois where Mike’s sisters and mother reside. We would then drive onto North Carolina to see my mom, brother and sister-in-law and our daughter , Kelsey. We spent almost a week with family as we headed to our Georgia destination. We enjoyed family dinners and spent time doing some final internet shopping for the boat on those stops. We truly didn’t think we had any more room for supplies and managed to eek out a few more inches of some favorite local foods from some incredible markets in the Rockford area.

Our destination was still ahead as we left the last family member in Fayetteville, but not without absolutely stuffing that Suburban even further with some loaned fishing equipment!! (Thank you , David)



Upon our arrival that late afternoon, Lost Loon was sitting pretty well. We had seen pictures of the boat after Hurricane Matthew, and all seemed well, butut it wasn’t until we opened her up and realized that she was in perfect condition….relief. We knew what we had to do now to get this vessel ready for Winter travel….




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