I’ve been published!!!!!!!

So last January, sitting in the Islands I began writing of our fun in Grenada. We have attended a few HASH events…. wait… nothing to do with mind altering substances!!! These are walk-in , hiking, running events that take place on the countryside of the islands.

Well, I had this hair brained idea to see if any sailing publications were interested….. fast forward after several revisions and help from some close family members in editing I HAVE BEEN PUBLISHED!!! It’s Bluewater Sailing magazine, September 2018.

Thanks for the support that gave me the courage to submit and thanks for coming back!


2 thoughts on “I’ve been published!!!!!!!

  1. wsusoreny

    Wow! Congrats!!! That’s so cool! I will look for the magazine to see your stuff! You are an amazing writer, so why not share it with everyone! Congrats again and happy sailing soon!!

    Have a good day! Whitney



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