Happy Thanksgiving!

We are grateful for family and friends! We are fortunate for some great life experiences this last year!

While we await the arrival of a new little family member, as we spend time traveling between Minnesota, Wisconsin and Illinois to be with family and good friends. Yes, we are living out of a 4 wheeled vehicle until we can get back on the water and to Lost Loon.

We are thankful for all the friends and family that have given us a warm bed for a night or more along the way since we closed the Lake Vermilion place in late September.

We see our sailing friends head offshore via text and social media making their way to warm locations in the Caribbean……envious? Yes, a bit. But we will get there. Still trying to get all the boat parts and stuff together to schlep to Grenada. Until then we pack a duffle and unpack every few days, hoping we have enough warm clothes to battle whatever Winter throws at us until we leave.

So we hope this finds you surrounded with friendship and love .. as we move into the downhill run to Christmas.

Cheer friends and sailors!!


3 thoughts on “Happy Thanksgiving!

  1. Hi Mike and Nancy,
    We were just thinking of you both and checked your blog. You do a great job writing and we enjoy hearing about your travels.
    We stayed home and sold our Sabre last spring and bought a Beneteau 423, a project boat, Desiderata II. It’s been a busy year and quite a transition!
    We are currently in Rock Sound, Eleuthera. We are spending the winter in the Bahamas this year and remembering our first trip with you, along the thorny path.
    We enjoyed our time with you. Hopefully, we may meet up again someday – until then, will keep checking your blog!
    Jean and Michael
    SV Desiderata II

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    1. Nancy Magnine

      Hey guys!! Sounds wonderful . How do you like the ‘new’ boat?
      Wish you were coming further south!!
      Bahamas is so nice.
      Well stay here at least this year then decide if we’re going west 😬
      Have a great holiday!!
      Nancy and Mike


  2. Kathy Pohle

    Nancy… so nice to receive an update! I’m so happy to hear that you are doing what you love. I look forward to hearing about your travels (wow you are an awesome writer!!!) ❤️ your pictures! Wishing you & your family a Merry Christmas & a happy & healthy New Year! Kathy

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