Back in St Croix

It’s 1100, the sun is bright, few clouds are present, wind is 14 -18knots, waves are 3-5 ft and swells minimal and we are halfway between St Thomas and St Croix. We have claimed this the best sail yet.  This is our 4th passage to St Croix this winter. Our destination is again Fredricksted.

We are loving the quiet and relaxed nature of this island and in particular the anchorage.

There is a quote in our Cruising guide to the Virgin Islands that says ” many cruisers who drop anchor for a short time have become residents”. And we have met a few! It’s crazy but this laid back island has become a respite and haven this winter. We have come to love the quiet, beautiful beaches, incredible blue water and the diving! The people are very friendly and so willing to make our stay even better.

We and several friends have been lucky to get our Covid vaccine here…

Refreshments at the Fred

Take some long but super sweet 8.6 miles up into the hills!

Enjoy some great diving…

Diving the pier

Party like Rockstars.


Partay on Lost Loon

And find some great new sights!!

Point Udall/ Melenium Monument
St Somewhere
Cruisers Raft-Up
Leatherback Brewery
Best dive bar in St Croix…best pizza too.

We are truly enamored with this island. Since we made four trips here from St Thomas, we feel at home as we furl in the Genoa, take down the main, and set anchor in Fredricksted.

We made our final milk-run back to St Thomas just 2 weeks ago and sailed past the northeast coast of St Croix saying “We will be back” …it may have to wait until Fall, and until then we will miss this gem of an island and take with us so many memories.

More to come on our Caribbean Winter 2021!!!


One thought on “Back in St Croix

  1. wsusoreny

    Looks so nice! Spring is starting to be real here (ie…no more snow!) and bugs are waking up! We have booked a week in July at Lake Vermillion with Nate’s family, so hope to catch up with you guys then! Enjoy your sailing travels!!


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