Keep Writing!!

Write every day they say, keep the train on the track. That’s supposed to be the key to good writing and staying consistent. So here I am day 1 2 3 of the habit. There is this very colorful podcaster I have been listening to about writing, (after listening for 2 weeks I am out of that habit as well) He says, even if you just write a sentence or change a phrase, or add a comma, THAT’S WRITING!! So, here I am, putting in a little more than punctuation changes.  Every writer knows you need to read other writer’s works to improve your style. In an effort to improve,  I did finish a book. I say finish, because I do have a tendency to start a few works and depending on how I feel have different options to read. The book completed was Drama Llama by Anne McNuff. It was a perfect summer read. Super lighthearted and a real cool journey by two 30-something gals who rode bicycles through South America.

I have also written and published (and received payment for !!!) a poem..shared at the bottom of this blog.  That’s fun writing for me. Our daughter, Kelsey, has really been busy writing, getting published and paid as well.. and I’ll share her work as well.

 Back to writing. It’s a passion of mine, and I wonder how the days go by and life gets in the way of most treasured hobbies.  Oh, I found time this summer to collect rocks, (some pretty cool ones) and do some rock painting (yes, the very smallest creative, painting bone in my body was calling for some attention), collect some driftwood, and make a few wind ornaments…but the sitting and writing has become difficult. Maybe it’s the sitting thing. Whatever, its time to get (back) in action.

Our Summer in brief…

Cayo Luis Pena

Puerto Rico and mofongo (mofongo is a very interesting local dish made of mashed green plantains and salt, garlic and some oil, that’s it..but quite delicious with a variety of PR dishes (chicken, pork, beef, etc)  We spent time in the Spanish Virgins (Culebra and specifically a  little natural reserve island to the west, Cayo Luis Pena)  prior to hauling out at Marina Puerto del Rey (a humongous marina on the east coast of PR, near Fajardo).

Marina Puerto del Rey
Puerto Rico

We left Lost Loon to fend for herself (however well prepped, cleaned, and anchored down by her caregivers) during hurricane season. She knows we are watching every tropical wave that leaves the west coast of Africa for development into a tropical storm headed in her direction.  Not that we could do anything but pray it stays away from Puerto Rico…Following departure out of San Juan, we had a short stay in Punta Gorda, FL with friends and some awesome days of pickleball ( our new favorite sport!!)

Leaving FL, we made a trip from there to North Carolina for a couple of  days with my mom, brother and fabulous sister-in law ( who take such good care of Mom when I’m not there!! ) … Here we picked up our grand-dog, Teddy, for a trip of his lifetime to Louisville (missing the bourbon trail), to Illinois (where we connected with Mike’s Mom and sisters and nephews and nieces…)  to the “deer shack” in Superior WI, and our final destination,  the cottage on Lake Vermilion.

Lake Vermilion

Summer started out warm and busy transforming our little piece of shoreline into a pretty functional beach. We enjoyed having the little critter, Teddy, to take on walks and snuggle with at night. We lost and found his little bear bell in an effort to let him off the leash. A few reports of bear sightings and he was back on the leash.

 It stayed hot and very dry through visits by friends and family, fishing outings, and the placement of a new boat lift. The highlight of this year has been the construction of a road that now services our place. We have been 22 years accessing this seasonal location by boat only. We have toted all our groceries, supplies and building materials (including doors and windows!) for our renovations by boat for all these years, and now we can drive to the back door!! Mike has taken a liking to operating our neighbor’s Bobcat. He has spent over 100 hours in the last 8 weeks assisting in the construction, leveling ground, placing rock and spreading sand. He will admit it has been quite fun work and very rewarding…for the fact of being able to drive in.

I spent Mondays and Tuesdays this season working at a local clinic. It was a good change, despite the numbers of Covid tests I was involved in performing. 

The negative part of the summer was the persistent dought and wildfires that started very close to our place. We had returned home one weekend to more smoke than we had seen from the Canadian fires and found out that a lightening strike started a 10- acre fire about 1 mile behind our place. That afternoon we watched as 3 single engine airtankers swooped down into the lake waters in front of us to attain precious water to douse the fire. We were fortunate for their good work and that of a group of Superior Forest Fire personnel who spent nearly a week camping out and controlling the flames. More days than we like to think of we would wake to hazy smoky smelling air. In the last 2 weeks, we have had some good rainfall and appreciate the clear cool air that has developed these early days of September.

Our plans going forward? Just a few more weeks at the Lake and we leave by the first week in October, (because of the potential for freezing temps at night that develop) winterize this location and make our way to the Caribbean where we will get back to Lost Loon. We are excited because we have been invited to sail with friends from US to Antigua! Then we fly to Puerto Rico and Lost Loon. We have been in contact with several cruising couples that have boats also doing the same thing as well as others with boats in the BVI’s, Grenada, and some that spent the summer in Bonaire. So, more about that as time gets closer…November 1.


Silent partners set to harness the wind,

No task to complex when they are trimmed

Working in unison to exact the course

Taking the spray while relentless in force

Making the speed that the vessel she craves

Propelling this mass through the swells and the waves

Making it known when the apparent is changing

Whether its settled or the storm is raging

While catching a breeze or fending a gust

Heavens pass overhead as the fabric is thrust

Their charge is complete when the mark has been made

Tall stewards of ships their benefits outweighed

Coming Soon…our worst nightmare sailing a small boat……because I have this habit..



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